Cat Screamer

Here you can see the artpiece Cat Screamer from Gus Fink of 2019 in USA.

The artist describes his artpiece like this: Gus was born and raised in the cold mountains of Pennsylvania where he started his art career in 1999 by painting on an old dictionary he pulled from a dumpster. By turning nothing into something Gus adapted his own unique style that mixes nightmares, emotions and creative ideas. He has since turned his artwork into multiple toy lines, fashion, video games, jewelry and more. In 2016 Gus started writing and directing short films. The starting point for his work is to pull new ideas out from the universe and place them onto the canvas of choice. His goal is to innovate all aspects of the arts and entertainment industries so that there can be a global shift of not accepting mediocrity. Each day hundreds of new followers find the work of Gus Fink and are intrigued by his unique visions.